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Idaho just signed into law two of the most viciously anti-trans measures ever seen in the US

The state's governor signed the measures into law less than 24 hours before Transgender Day of Visibility.

By Will Stroude

Idaho has introduced two of the the most viciously anti-transgender laws ever seen in the US.

As the United States continues to battle coronavirus, Idaho’s Republican governor, Brad Little, signed two anti-transgender measures into law on Monday (30 March), just a day before Transgender Day of Visibility.

One measure, House Bill 500, bans transgender girls from playing on women’s sports teams in schools and colleges, and allows the physical examination of transgender students’ anatomy in the event of a “dispute” over a person’s sex.

The other legislation, House Bill 509, bans transgender people from changing their birth cetificate to reflect their gender. Just two other US states – Ohio and Tennessee – ban the changing of sex on birth certificates for trans people.

Idaho’s Republican governor, Brad Little, signed two anti-transgender measures into law on Monday (30 March)

The discriminatory new laws, which are expected to be challenged in court, have been rightly slammed by LGBTQ advocacy groups.

The American Civil Liberties Union said both laws violated the rights of transgender people in Idaho.

“The ACLU of Idaho condemns Governor Brad Little’s decision to sign discriminatory, unconstitutional, and deeply hurtful anti-transgender bills into law,” a statement said.

“Leaders from the business, faith, medical, education and athletics communities will not forget this decision or what it says about the governor’s priorities during a global pandemic.

“The ACLU will see the governor in court.”

The Trevor Project’s Head of Advocacy and Government Affairs, Sam Brinton, also criticised the “dangerous” new measures.

“In the midst of a global pandemic, Idaho just became the first state in the nation to legally mandate discrimination against transgender student-athletes.

“By signing HB 500 and HB 509, Governor Brad Little has pushed the transgender community of Idaho to the sidelines, further marginalizing a group that is already at high risk for harassment, discrimination, and suicide. 

“According to The Trevor Project’s national survey, 78% of trans youth reported being the subject of discrimination due to their gender identity and more than half have seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year.

“It is a sad day in the United States when lawmakers are more determined to stop trans young people from playing games than to provide them with the care, support, and opportunities they need to survive and thrive.

“The Trevor Project will actively fight these dangerous laws and we will continue to send a clear message to trans youth in Idaho and across the country that they deserve love and support, should be proud of who they are, and that they are never alone.”

If you’re in the US and need support or advice, contact The Trevor Project’s TrevorLifeline 24/7 at 1-866-488-7386, via chat every day at, or by texting 678-678