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Homophobe who didn’t like soup company’s gay dads advert just got owned

By Micah Sulit

Remember that Campbell’s Stars Wars soup advert featuring a real-life gay couple and their adorable son?


Well, not everyone was happy about it, especially not a certain Jess who’s “so sick of this homosexual agenda”. She took to Facebook to tell off Campbell’s: “You sell soup, not but [sic] sex!”

A photo uploaded to Imgur (which has been viewed nearly 520,000 times) shows Jess’ interaction with the soup brand on their official Facebook page – except the awesome responses aren’t really from Campbell’s but some internet trolls who made an account called Campbells For Help.


Does ‘Campbells For Help’ ring a bell? It’s a nod to Ask For Help, the fake Facebook account a clever bloke set up to address complaints after supermarket chain Target announced it would create more gender-neutral signages in stores.

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