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Gok Wan hits back after suffering homophobic abuse from a group of ‘lads’

By Will Stroude

Gok Wan has hit back at a group of “lads” who hurled homophobic abuse at him in public.

The Gok’s Fill Your House For Free presenter, 43, was making his way through an airport when he was subjected to an anti-gay slur from a group of boys over the weekend.

Taking to Instagram following the incident, Gok put the abusers on blast as he revealed he would never acknowledge them because they are “not worth [his] face.”

Under the caption ‘Dickheads’, Gok shared a picture of a longer message in which he called out the group’s vile behaviour.

“Lads’ at the airport. When I walk past you and you mutter “Queer f*ggot” I hear you,” he wrote.

“I don’t turn around and answer you because you are stupid. I don’t throw anything at you because I would be embarrassed.

“I don’t even look at you because you are not worth my face. Have a great time, wherever you are going to. I sincerely hope you don’t get any abuse whilst you’re away.

“Maybe for looking a little different, maybe for not being a local…maybe for just being you.

“Bon Voyage D**kheads.”

The post was quickly flooded with messages of support from Gok’s fans and followers

The post was flooded with messages of support from Gok’s followers. One wrote: “No one should have to put up with those comments. …and I bet nothing would have been said if they were on their own and not all ‘brave’ in a gang…so saddened that you were subject to that. ..but….you are successful and they are….sad losers !”

If you’ve experienced, or know someone who has been the victim of homophobic hate crime, you can report it to the police, either directly or through an online reporting facility such as True Vision.

You can find details of your local police station at

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