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Gay penguin couple steal chick from neglecting straight parents at Denmark zoo

The couple were given an egg of their own after protecting the stolen chick

By Steve Brown

A gay penguin couple stole a chick from its heterosexual parents at Denmark zoo.

The two penguins were desperate to start their own family at the Odense Zoo that when they saw a newborn chick being neglected by its parents, they took matters into their own hands… flippers.

Sandie Hedegard Munck, animal keeper at the zoo, said after seeing the dramatic footage: “I could see there was something wrong.

“The parent couple was gone and the kid had been kidnapped. There were a couple of homosexual males who had snatched the kid and stood with it.”

Munck went on to say that she believed the female had gone to bathe and it was the male’s turn to protect and look after the hatchling.

She added: “He may have not gone to care for the baby, and the couple though, ‘Well, we’ll take it’.”

In a twist, Munck believed the couple would come back demanding their child but the male, allegedly, wandered around like he never had a kid.

She continued: “I expected the parents to come and demand the kid back. But the male wandered around acting like he’d never had a kid.

“The female was searching for the baby, but not very hard. The female is very caring for the kid, and she is also very aggressive to us if we get too close.

“I could not imagine she would leave it. The male is a bit more relaxed about his parenting.”

The mother eventually found her chick and began to act aggressive to the gay couple and zookeepers were forced to intervene and return the newborn back to the mother.

However, after witnessing the gay couple caring for the chick, zookeepers decided to give them an egg of their own from a mother who was unable to raise it.