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Gay penguin couple hatch egg together at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium

The two penguins were given a egg after showing potential to raise a chick

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Two male penguins have successfully incubated and hatched an egg at Sydney’s Sea Life Aquarium.

Magic and Sphen – or better known as Sphenig – had always been more than friends and as breeding season approached, the couple began to collect pebbles to create a nest, which is common among Gentoo penguins.

Sphen also gave his partner a “special stone” which is reportedly the equivalent of a marriage proposal.

After seeing the couple, the aquarium decided to give them a ‘dummy egg’ to see if they would be interested and able to incubate.

Sphenig knew exactly what to do with the fake egg and started to incubate it, according to supervisor Tish Hannan.

The aquarium gave them a real egg and both parents take turns to incubate the egg, which is common among the breed of penguins.

Now, the two penguins have successfully hatched the egg and Hannan said the couple have bonded and recognise each other through their signature calls.

She said: “They recognise each other’s signature calls and songs.

“Only bonded penguins will be able to successfully find their partner using their calls when they are separated.”