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Gay men in San Francisco launch ‘I’d Bottom for Hillary’ campaign

By Josh Haggis

A group of gay men in San Francisco have launched an ‘I’d Bottom for Hillary’ campaign.

The campaign, in support of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential candidacy, was started by a 23-year-old named Ryan who claims his interest in politics began when Clinton first ran back in 2008.


“You do not have to be gay to be a part of Bottom for Hillary,” he told Huffington Post. “Bottoming demands trust, admiration, confidence, loyalty, respect, enthusiasm and hope. Those feelings we have toward Hillary, and anyone that feels similar can be a part of our effort.”


Going on to talk about the reaction to the campaign for far, Ryan said that most people have “responded well” to the joke.

“Gay men who understand the joke have responded well,” he explained. “It is amazing watching people read the shirt and seeing it register. People usually ask for pictures and where they can buy their own.”

“On an opposite note, a surprising amount of Republicans have followed my Instagram account. I don’t think they fully understand the statement that is being made,” he added.

Meanwhile, showing her support for the LGBT community, Clinton appointed an openly gay campaign manager this week – find out more here.

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