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Gay kiss Lynx ad is one of Australia’s most complained about this year

By Will Stroude

Traditionally laddy men’s grooming company Lynx might have been widely praised for including their first ever same-sex kiss in an Australian TV advert this time last year, but it turns out that not everyone was impressed by the inclusive move.

According to International Business Times, end-of-year figures released up by the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) show that the clip was revealed as the country’s seventh most-complained-about advert over the last 12 months, with 62 complaints.


The advert starts out in typical fashion before seeing two men kiss briefly on the lips as a voiceover says: “Go out, see amazing things, get an amazing job, kiss the hottest girl…or the hottest boy.”

The main reason complainants contacted the ASB was in relation to the same-sex kiss, which one person said represented “the gay agenda forced into the home through ads.”

Another wrote: “Being confronted by a hair product ad that had a male character kiss another male character – I nearly fell off the lounge! Yes, Australia is a free country, but this ad seems to me to show the gay minority dictating terms to the (normal) majority!”

The ASB failed to uphold any of the complaints against the advert however, ruling that “the kiss is fleeting and in today’s society it is not inappropriate to show gay intimacy particularly in an advertisement that is humorous and over-the-top.”

You can re-live the not-so-controversial Lynx ad below…

Meanwhile, a French phone company has raised a few eyebrows with a cheeky new condom ad that sees two guys having their very own ‘lightsaber duel’ interrupted – check it out here.

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