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Gay footballer set to be deported from Sweden

By Will Stroude

The Swedish government is planning to deport gay Liberian footballer Andrew Nagbe because he has not provided enough evidence of his sexuality, according to reports in Towerload.

The athlete was detained by immigration at a pride festival in the country. If he is deported, he’ll almost certainly face persecution – homosexuality is punishable with a prison sentence in Liberia.

“In prison I will be raped and beaten every day until I am released and can leave the country again”, he told a Swedish website Dagens Nyheter.

“Everyone in Liberia now knows that I’m gay, so they will do what they want with me. That’s why I do not want to go home.”

Dagens Nyheter also reported that the Swedish authorities “maintain that Nagbe’s claims to be both gay and that he would have his safety compromised if he returns home are not verifiable.”

Responding to the situation, the Swedish Migration Board said “Our assessment is that there is a danger of homosexuals in Liberia with the risk of harassment and more.

“But there is no evidence that there are abuses that are sanctioned by the state. We always do individual tests based on the asylum application as the foundation, and it is up to the applicant to come up with credible evidence.”

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