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Gay comedian throws spectacular shade at Australia’s PM over marriage equality – WATCH

By Ross Semple

A gay comedian threw some excellent shade in the direction of Australia’s Prime Minister over his opposition to marriage equality.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and comedian Rhys Nicholson were both guests on the panel show The Project recently, with ginger hair as the big topic of conversation, for reasons not known to those with a rational mind.

After a somewhat bizarre exchange during which the Prime Minister was asked to name his favourite redhead (it’s Prince Harry btw), Turnbull turned his attention to Nicholson’s ginger quiff.

When asked whether being ginger is back in fashion, Nicholson responded: “If someone had told me today that at some point I’d be talking on national television to the Prime Minister about ginger sperm … I’d say things have changed.”

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“You couldn’t be a ginger ninja though,” Turnbull responded. “When you put all the ninja gear on it would ruin his hairdo.”

“Are you flirting with me right now?” Nicholson asked, making the situation as deliciously awkward as possible. “Maybe come over to my place and I could show you.”

The conversation then turned to what names were appropriate to call someone with red hair, and whether certain nicknames were offensive. “I’m all about the nicknames,” Nicholson responded. “I think it’s all about ownership. Those are our words.”

Nicholson then went in for the kill. “The main thing is you don’t want anyone to be treated differently about something they can’t change about themselves. Like, for example, marriage rights or something.”


The presenters then said goodbye to their guests without asking Turnbull for a response, instead thanking him for supporting a charitable cause. It was a bit of a cop-out, but Nicholson took to Twitter to defend the show’s presenters over accusations that they are somehow anti-gay.

Turnbull’s government has repeatedly dragged its heels over marriage equality. Just last year, the country’s legislature voted down a measure to hold a plebiscite on the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

Watch the exchange below:

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