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Four police officers charged with death of LGBT activist Zak Kostopoulos

The Greek activist died on the way to hospital after being attacked in September

By Steve Brown

Four police officers have been charged over the death of Greek LGBT activist Zak Kostopoulos.

Back in September, the 33-year-old activist was filmed trying to leave an Athens jewellery store on and was seen holding a fire extinguisher where he tried to break through the front door, but when that didn’t work, he was forced to crawl on his hands and knees through a broken window.

Kostopoulos was then attacked by onlookers and was taken to hospital but tragically died on route.

Police reportedly claimed Kostopoulos was a drug addict who was wielding a knife but following the autopsy results, no trace of drugs were found in his system and it was never confirmed if the alleged knife found in the shop belonged to him.

Now four officers – who were identified through CCTV footage – were the attackers behind the assault which killed the activist.

In a statement from the investigation into the officers’ actions read: “You, together with your cohabiting police officers, at the time of the arrest of the above, have caused him physical injury, which result in his death.

“In particular, you hit him causing him physical injury which was increased because of the situation he had suffered.”

Officers are currently facing charges of inflicting harm resulting in death.