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Fake gay weddings used to dodge UK immigration controls

By Sam Rigby


Fake gay weddings are being used to dodge immigration controls in the UK, a new report has claimed.

BBC’s Inside Out series has uncovered a new trend for gangs to arrange same-sex weddings as authorities are supposedly less likely to question the relationships.

During an undercover investigation, gang leader Ricardo told BBC reporters: “You say ‘I am gay’. No more questions for you. Easy for gay.”

Mark Rimmer, Head of Registration and Nationality Services at Brent Council, said that “up to 20-30%” of local marriages are to avoid deportation, but that figure does not include same-sex unions.

He admitted: “I think it is probably more difficult to spot the signs if you have a same sex couple whether they be male or female.”

James Brokenshire, the Minister for Immigration and Security, promised that registrars “will be given new powers later this year to better identify fraudulent marriages”.

Inside Out London‘s full report will air tonight (September 22) on BBC One at 7.30pm.

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