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Ezra Miller appears to choke a female fan and throw her to the ground in video footage

Footage uploaded to Twitter shows a man believed to be the 'Justice League' actor grabbing a female fan by the neck

By Tim Heap

Hollywood actor Ezra Miller is facing questions after a video started trending on Twitter last night (Sunday 5 April) that appears to show him grabbing a female fan by the neck and dragging her to the ground.

While it’s unclear where the footage came from, the video shows a person who appears to be the 27-year-old actor being approached by a young female, believed to be a fan who spotted him in Iceland.

The man appears to say to her: “Did you want a fight? Is that the deal?” as he grabs hold of her by the neck, pushes her away from him into the back of a parked vehicle, and then towards him and down to the snow covered ground.

The woman is seen smiling as he grabs her – leading some to suggest it was just a playful interaction – but the cameraman is heard saying “Woah, bro, bro, bro,” indicating otherwise.

The video clip is only seven seconds long, and ends with the man repeating, “You want a fight?”

A tweet dated Thursday 2 April with a shorter clip says, “okay so i’m exposing Ezra Miller because he just attacked my friend at the bar after she JOKINGLY challenged him to a fight… he took it way to (sic) seriously and choke slammed her to the ground. not okay”.

A now-deleted screenshot from a Reddit post says the actor had been showing the girl his scars “from all the fights he’d been in” and she had jokingly said “I could beat you up”.

“After my friend and I threw him off her, he was standing barefoot outside for at least 10 minutes while the bouncers waited for the cops to pick him up,” the Reddit commenter said, adding “he’s a fucking psycho and spit on me and two other staff members”.

Miller is yet to respond to the allegations.

Miller is well known for his roles in films including We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, the Fantastic Beasts series and DC’s Justice League franchise, where he plays The Flash.