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Eric Trump mocked for saying he’s ‘part of’ the LGBT community

Word vomit.

By Jamie Tabberer

Eric Trump, the son of US President Donald Trump, has been ruthlessly mocked online after somehow stumbling on his words and saying he’s “part of” the LGBT community.

OK then.

The 36-year-old was doing a TV interview for Fox & Friends yesterday when he made the comment.

After discussing a New York Times op-ed in which an anonymous gay New Yorker claims she’s a “secret Trump voter”, he was asked “are you counting on the secret voter?”

To this, Trump Jr. said: “I see it every day. The LGBT community, they are incredible.”

“You should see how they’ve come out in full force for my father every single day,” he continued. “I’m part of that community. We love the man. And thank you for protecting our neighbourhoods, thank you for protecting our cities.”

Sharing the video online, one Twitter user said: “Eric Trump either: a) just came out as gay on National TV (good for him) or b) Is so stupid that he doesn’t realize that he just accidentally suggested he’s gay on National TV (also good for him).”


Said another: “Congratulations on coming out as gay! Does Lara know?”

Trump married wife Lara in 2014, and they are parents to two infant children.

Referencing last night’s explosive presidential debtate between Eric’s Republican leader father and 2020 Presidential Democratic nominee Joe Biden, a third commentator said: “i was extremely frustrated abt the debate until i remembered Eric Trump came out as gay on Fox News this morning… that cheered me right up! congrats.”