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Ellen faces backlash again after Chris Pratt joins her show despite accusations he attends anti-LGBTQ church

The chat show host faced online backlash last month after 'forgiving' Kevin Hart for past homophobic comments

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Ellen DeGeneres has come under fire again after having Chris Pratt on her show amid accusations he attends an anti-LGBTQ church.

Last year, it was revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy star was one of many celebrities, including Justin Bieber, who frequently attends a Los Angeles branch of the Australian megachurch Hillsong Church.

However, the actor faced backlash after it was revealed Carl Lentz – who leads its New York branch – said in 2015 that homosexuality is a sin and a gay member of the church could never hold a leadership position.

In the same year, the church’s global senior pastor, Brian Houston, released a statement which criticised two male choir members who got married.

The church has also been accused of supporting gay conversion therapy but has appeared to be disavowed in 2011.

And over the weekend, Ellen Page hit out at the Avengers star calling him into question about the anti-LGBTQ stance of his church.

Pratt subsequently responded claiming that his church is open and welcoming to all and helped him through his divorce with Anna Faris.

Now, chat show host Ellen – who is also openly gay – is facing backlash online once again after having the actor on her show to promote his latest film.

She wrote on Twitter with a link to her Ellen Tube: “Whatever @PrattPrattPratt is selling, I’m buying.”

However, people slammed the chat show host for having him on her show with many calling she doesn’t ‘relate to every day queer people’.

This isn’t the first time Ellen has faced backlash after she hosted Kevin Hart on her show after he stepped down from hosting the Academy Awards.

Old tweets emerged revealing homophobic comments made by Hart and although he claimed to have apologised in the past, he refused to apologise again.