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Dr Ranj Singh voices opinion on image of sick child forced to sleep on A&E floor

"I am DONE with it."

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Dr Ranj Singh has voiced his opinions on an image of a sick child forced to sleep on the floor in A&E and said he is ‘done with it’.

An image of a four-year-old boy lying on the floor in A&E has been circulating news cycles over the last week and instantly became viral after many claimed it shows the troubles of the NHS.

Although many claimed the image was a publicity stunt ahead of the general election tomorrow (December 12), Dr Ranj Singh has now voiced his opinions on the image and called out those who think it is ‘fake/propaganda’.

The former Attitude cover star, This Morning resident doctor and paediatrician wrote on Twitter: “This sort of thing isn’t that rare.

“It sadly happens in A&E’s across the country more than people think, because we run out of space to see/put patients during times of huge demand (e.g. winter).

“It’s a horrible situation and we do our best to prevent it.

“This little boy will still have received treatment he needed, albeit in less than ideal circumstances.

“This is no fault of the staff/hospital. It’s because of increasing demand on services without funding/resources to match, which has got worse under the current government.

“This is not a fake – the hospital acknowledged this and have apologised to the family already.

“So can we stop arguing over the above, and perhaps vote to change things for the better instead? I am DONE with it.”