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Customer gave restaurant terrible Yelp review because they flew a rainbow flag

The restaurant in Massachusetts wanted to make the place welcoming for all

By Steve Brown

A restaurant was given a one rating on Yelp because it was flying a tiny rainbow flag.

Nino Barbalace, owner of Caffe Zia Gianna in Dorchester, Massachusetts, has defended placing the flag – which represents the LGBT+ community – in the door of his restaurant because he has always wanted his establishment to be inclusive for all.

But one customer had a “disgusting” visit after spotting the tiny rainbow flag in the window of the restaurant and decided to air their comments on Yelp.

The review – which has now been taken down – reads: “After seeing the rainbow flag in the window, I’ve had it with this place and have thrown in the towel… Well, that flag says all and when you delve deeper to see the real customer base here, it’s clearly geared and catered ONLY to those who rally behind the rainbow flag.

“This should be considered treason against our Nation and our Italian Heritage and against Nature and should be punishable as a crime.

“At a time when the old country is imperiled from corruption and fading family units and going broke, here we have someone who is abandoning the sound family unit and structure.

“Absolutely disgusting and unacceptable [sic]”

The review also went on the slam the food at the restaurant claiming, although it was good, it was overpriced and small portions.

Now, Barbalace has admitted he was disappointed when he saw the review and said it was a “personal” attack.

He told Boston 25: “It was personal. If you go to a place and you’re not happy with the food or the service, I understand that if I made a mistake because we all make mistakes.

“This is a restaurant, not politics.”