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Couple undergoing gender confirmation surgery say their child is ‘excited’ about the change

Louise and Charlie Draven are both having gender confirmation surgery

By Steve Brown

A couple who are both to undergo gender confirmation surgery said their five-year-old child is “excited” about their plans.

Louise Draven, the biological father to Star Cloud, and Charlie Draven, the biological mother, both intend to have the surgery in order to be in their “ideal bodies” by the time their child – who is being raised gender neutral – is 10.

Louise – who Star calls mummy – is months away from having the male to female gender confirmation surgery and the parents have told their child that Louise will be having her penis removed.

And Charlie – will be having surgery to give him a penis which Star calls a ‘duckie’ – has been placed on the waiting list to begin his transition but said their child is “excited” about the change because it means Nikki, who Star calls daddy, will “stand up and wee”.

While appearing on This Morning on Tuesday (September 11), Charlie said: “He’s got a five-year-old’s understanding.

“He knows mummy’s going to a special doctor and is going to take her duckie away.”

The family – who have made previous appearances on the ITV show – have been targeted by trolls who have made comments about their child, with some saying he will be become a “serial killer” when he grows up.

Charlie continued: “They were saying he was going to be a serial killer when he grew up, he had serial killer eyes.

“He was going to grow up to another Ed Gein. He was four years old when adults found it acceptable to go online and attack an innocent child.”

Regardless of online abuse, the couple are raising their child – who now identifies as male – to decide his own gender identity and have a respect for others.

Louise added: “It’s very good for him actually. He is very open, he is very opinionated. If someone says something or does something that he doesn’t like, he will let you know. However colourful it may be.”

Watch the interview below: