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Couple left with concussion after homophobic attack in Australia

Joshua Dickson and Alex Vlasits were attacked while they were walking to their Uber

By Steve Brown

A couple were physically and verballed attacked by a gang of men after leaving a club in Australia.

Joshua Dickson and Alex Vlasits claimed they were repeatedly punched and told that they “all need to die” while they were walking to an Uber to take them home.

Writing on Facebook, Vlasits said: “Josh ordered the Uber and we began walking through the Bay village car park and started to hear things in the distance from a group of youth who would have been about 17-19 years old.”

He also continued and claimed the attackers called them, “stupid f****ts”, “disgusting” and said they all need to die.

“Growing up and being openly gay I honestly didn’t take much notice of it and just brushed it off and we kept walking,” Vlasits continued.

“At this stage Josh still had his arm around me, the next thing I remember is Josh being pulled away from me and hearing someone running.

“That someone who was running came up from behind me and king hit me in the left side of my head, knocked me out and I hit the concrete.

“After they hit me they went after Josh hitting him in the left side of this face and then came back for me with another two punches to the head while I was still in the ground.

“After this my memory of the rest of the night is pretty hazy and not clear.

“I’m very lucky that I only left this with a bloody ear and head from the punches, because it definitely could have been a lot worse as one punches can kill someone!”