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Conor McGregor attempts to justify using homophobic slur, says it was ‘just trash talk’

By Joshua Haigh

Fighter Conor McGregor has apologised for using a homophobic slur backstage at a UFC even in Poland last month.

McGregor’s found himself in hot water after he labelled opponent Andre Fili a “faggot” backstage after he had just won a fight against McGregor’s team mate and close friend Artem Lobov.

Following the controversy, McGregor claimed the backlash surrounding his use of the slur was created to throw him “under the bus.”

However, despite having more time to reflect since then, McGregor has once again attempted to justify his use of the slur.

The sportsman now claims that “trash talk is a way of getting the psychological upper hand before a fight.”

He continued: “When you come face to face with someone who’s trying to hurt you, maim you for life and drill your head into the ground at 100 miles per hour, you are going to say things.”

In the interview, McGregor went on to say that he should never have used the word, and added he wasn’t thinking about the meaning of the slur, but instead was simply just trying to comfort a team-mate who’d lost a fight.

He also stated that he isn’t homophobic, and insisted that he has gay friends and has even campaigned for gay marriage in Ireland.

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