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Conchita Wurst has mixed feelings about legalisation of gay marriage in Austria

The Eurovision Song Contest winner believes it should have been done years ago

By Steve Brown

Conchita Wurst has “mixed feelings” about the legalisation of gay marriage in Austria.

The drag artist shot to fame after winning the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2014 and has since become an advocate for gay marriage and adoption and recently her home country legalised gay marriage.

But despite campaigning for equal rights for gay people, the singer admitted that although she is excited about the change in law, she believes it should be the “most normal thing”.

She told the BBC: “I have mixed feelings. Everybody’s so excited about it, and I’m excited too, but it’s like, ‘What took you so long? Who do you think you are to tell me how I’m able to marry or not? And why does it need a piece of paper to prove I’m allowed to do that? You’re not in a position to tell me who I’m allowed to love’.

“So I really have mixed emotions about it. I’m very happy that it’s official. On the other hand, it should be the most normal thing.”

This Saturday marks the final of this year’s Eurovision competition and Conchita – who was born Thomas Neuwirth – and Conchita reflected on the day she won.

“Everything went so well, all over,” she added.

“There was no huge fail. I’m still so excited and buzzing about it. That’s a really new feeling to me because normally, when I walk off stage, I’m never pleased with myself.

“I mean, I would really rip myself apart and destroy the whole vide. I feel I need to prove myself each and every time [because] I’m a drag act.

“It’s easy to say, ‘This is just a joke’. You know, the bearded lady? And I feel the need to smash it with every performance just because I want to be clear this is not a joke.”