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Comic Dave Chappelle under fire for joking about Kevin Spacey allegations

The 44-year-old made the remarks during his latest Netflix special

By Fabio Crispim

Comedian Dave Chappelle has come under fire for mocking Anthony Rapp and joking about Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations.

The 44-year-old comedian made the comments during his The Bird Revelation Netflix special released on New Year’s Eve. 

According to The Huffington Post, the comic began making a series of jokes about the #MeToo movement and the increasing number of Hollywood and political figures who have been accused of sexual misconduct. 

“Well, here we are in Los Angeles, the world capital of rape and dick breath,” he joked. 

Later on in the special, Chappelle took aim at Kevin Spacey. He joked: “Wow, I mean it is really bad out here. Kevin Spacey’s out here, grabbing men by the p*ssy! I didn’t even know that was possible!”

Chappelle then turned his attention to Attitude cover star and Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp, who became the first to accuse the two-time Oscar winner of sexual assault after opening up in an interview with Buzzfeed.

In the special, Chappelle joked that Rapp, who spoke to Attitude about Star Trek’s first ever gay kiss, “grew up to be gay anyway” and that Spacey “sniffed that sh*t out like a truffle pig.” 

“I’ve been to a lot of parties in my day,” he said. “Never been to a good one that had 14-year-old boys in it.”

He continued: “All joking aside, Kevin Spacey shouldn’t have done that sh*t to that kid. He was 14-years-old and forced to carry a grown man’s secret for 30 years.” 

Chappelle then made one last joke at Rapp: “The saddest part is, if he had been able to carry that secret for another six months, I would get to know how House Of Cards ends.” 

The comments sparked outrage on social media and the comic was quickly slammed for his offensive jokes.