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Calum Scott thanks fans after hundreds of messages after revealing he has been ‘struggling’ recently

The singer took to Twitter to reveal he has been feeling 'pretty low'

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Calum Scott has thanked his fans after he revealed he has been ‘struggling’ with self-confidence recently.

The ‘No Matter What’ singer took to Twitter to post a heartfelt message about how he has been feeling recently and admitted he has been ‘feeling pretty low’ and not believing in himself.

He wrote: “I think it’s important to be real on here as well as this being a place to show you living your best life.

“I’ve been struggling recently; feeling pretty low, stuck in my own head. I’m not believing in myself, constantly comparing myself to others, telling myself I’m not good enough and I’m not letting people in.

“I admitted it to my friends last night and it felt good, feels good to write this down and get it off my chest to all of you guys too.

“This post isn’t for sympathy, I’m just trying to be honest, letting those who need to hear that we all have bad days.

“Right I’m off to LA for a month to write the saddest s*** I can. Love you all.”

After posting the message, thousands of fans took to social media to show their support for the singer and when he awoke the next day he became ‘teary eyed’ after the amount of messages.

He took to Twitter to thank his fans and wrote: “Woke up this morning to hundreds and hundreds of messages of support and love.

“Bit of a teary morning for me. Please know how much I appreciate every single person who took time to message me.

“If I could reply to each and every comment, I would. Love you guys. #onwardsupwards”