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Boris Johnson made ‘appalling’ anti-trans joke just hours before Tory MP came out as trans

The Prime Minister made the joke hours before the Conservative MP Jamie Wallis came out as trans

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Wiki

Boris Johnson is being slated for making an anti-trans joke just hours before one of his own MPs, Jamie Wallis, came out as trans.

Wallis is the first UK MP to identify as trans and said in a statement on Wednesday (30 March) he had been diagnosed with gender dysphoria adding, “I’ve felt this way since I was a very young child”

In his statement, the Bridgend MP, who is using he/him/his pronouns, made reference to a dinner with his Parliamentary colleagues, where he said he’d been reminded of the support he had.

However, at that dinner, the prime minister chose to start his speech by saying: “Good evening ladies and gentleman, or as [Labour leader] Keir Starmer would put it, people who are assigned female or male at birth,” as reported by Politico

The joke is in reference to the Labour leader’s support for trans rights.

Following Wallis’ statement, Mr. Johnson then congratulated his colleague on sharing his story saying in a tweet: ” Sharing this very intimate story would have taken an immense amount of courage,” and thanking Jamie for his bravery, which Johnson said would “undoubtedly support others.”

The PM added: “The Conservative Party I lead will always give you, and everyone else, the love and support you need to be yourself.”

Asked about her leader’s joke when appearing on BBC Two’s Politics Live, Tory MP Andrea Leadsom brushed it off as a “light-hearted joke”. The SNP MP John Nicolson, who added praise on Jamie for coming out, described the joke as “appalling”. 

One person labelled Johnson a “total f***ing hypocrite” for his support for Jamie after making the joke.

Last week the Prime Minister angered some when he said in Parliament that the “basic facts of biology remain overwhelmingly important” in regards to men and women. 

Attitude has approached the Conservative Party for comment. 

Attitude’s new-look March/April issue is out now.