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“Big Gay Kiss-in” to be held at Sainsbury’s after homophobia row

By Josh Lee

A ‘Big Gay Kiss-in’ is going to be held this Saturday (August 14) at 6:30pm at the Sainsbury’s on Hackney Road where earlier this week Thomas Rees and his boyfriend Josh were told off for “inappropriate behaviour” after they held hands in the store.

Sainsburys’ have since offered Thomas a  £10 voucher and apologised, however the pair did not feel that this made up for the incident, according to BuzzFeed news.

Journalist Michael Segalov has organized the “kiss-in” to “send a message to anyone who thinks it’s inappropriate to show affection to a person, regardless of their gender or sexuality.

“We all know how hard it can be to summon the strength to walk through the streets, hold hands, kiss the person you love when all too often people are harassed, attacked and abused.

“This isn’t just about one security guard in one store, it’s about saying no to homophobia and discrimination in all its forms. Please come down from 6:30pm tomorrow, else it’ll just be me snogging an aubergine in the fruit and veg aisle”.