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Ben Cohen wants to make sure you’re manscaping properly

By Ross Semple

Manscaping is on the rise in Britain, according to very important new research – but a lot of us don’t know how to do it right.

85% of British men have said that they shave or trim more than just their facial hair.

When asked which parts of their body they like to keep tidy, 73% said that they like a well-maintained groin. 72% said a cleanly-shaven chest is important, with another 63% said it’s important to keep their rear tidy.

The men surveyed gave a variety of reasons for getting rid of their body hair, with many doing it to feel more comfortable (43%), while others do so at the request of their partners (34%).

Even though so many of us manscape, surprisingly few of us know how to do it properly. In fact, 67% of men said that they don’t know the correct way to shave their body, with 65% being embarrassed to ask. The most common issues they experienced were shaving rash, followed by nicks and cuts and ingrown hairs.

Well, there’s no need to worry, because rugby legend Ben Cohen is on hand to show us how to properly manscape. He has teamed up with Wilkinson Sword, who commissioned the research, to teach men how to properly groom themselves with a handy YouTube guide.

Ben has said of the collaboration: “Manscaping can be a minefield if you are not a guru with your groomer, so to help guys master their shaving skills, I have teamed up with Wilkinson Sword & the London School of Barbering to unveil the Manscaping Master of Arts (MA), helping guys to be fully qualified master of the manscape.”

Rachel Witter from the London School of Barbering comments: “We think the Manscaping MA is much needed to provide support and expert guidance to men on the ‘manscaping’ minefield. The trend is also continuing to grow, with more men taking pride in their appearance; which now goes far beyond a simple haircut and beard trim. The London School of Barbering is also considering introducing a ‘mancaping’ module onto one of our current courses to help address men’s grooming needs.”

Check out Ben’s handy guide to downstairs hair removal below: