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9 shocking pictures of male Olympians hugging the Daily Mail doesn’t want you to see

By Will Stroude

As the Daily Mail warns Team GB Olympic champions Chris Mears and Jack Laugher to “steady on” when hugging each other following an historic moment for British sport, we thought we’d delve into this disturbing new trend of men embracing in happy displays of emotion – #nohomo, obvously.

Chris, Jack and the rest of Team GB should clearly be following the lead of the Chinese team and their “manly” pat on the back. Let us just be thankful we have the Mail here to stop those pesky athletes turning Rio into a gender non-conforming Sodom and Gomorrah between medal ceremonies.

Let’s take a look at what’s been going in closer detail…

The ultra-masculine world of football goal celebrations is breached by a man-on-man frenzy as Danish football players celebrate. Problematic.CpS3ZWDVIAIBjE_

Twitter: @FIFAcom

Hug between tennis players Novak Djokovic from Serbia and Brazil’s Marcelo Melo. If the world number one tennis player can hug a man, so can any other man, right? Wrong!


 Twitter: @NovakIndiaFans

David Lee and Aaron Russell from the US Volleyball team chest bumping in celebration. Very #masc4masc.

tumblr_obpp898GZg1r9ef3po1_540Tony Parker takes Boris Diaw from behind… in a hug, as the French basketball team celebrate their victory:CnBKWDRUkAAbeZgKohei Uchimura of Japan and Oleg Verniaiev of Ukraine do the dirty as they medal in the gymnastics:tumblr_obpvqn7k621rhddkto1_1280Tom Daley and Daniel Goodfellow as they win bronze for Team GB. A gay man sexually touching a fellow half-naked, toned, wet man? Nope? Okay, just two Olympians celebrating their success then.daley.0It’s not just male-on-male action: the Brazil’s Women’s Handball team expressed some sapphic celebration post-match:CpbhgFyXYAIsB92

 Twitter: @ihf_info

Even the usually stony-faced Michael Phelps can’t keep his hands off a man:

CpgSOPfUMAA-p0X-1 (1)


Two Italian volleyball players hug it out after their match success. What is the world coming to?


Answer: A better place where two men can hug, no questions asked. Simple, really.

Words: Mark Richards and Bryan Bernal

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