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50 States Of Gay: Young Man Tours The States To Raise Awareness

By Rhys Matthews

It took one homophobic attack in 2014 and a denunciating tweet gone viral for Cole Ledford to become the human right activist he is today.

Fast forward to 2016, and Ledford is a well-established advocate for the LGBTQ+ and Mental Health communities.

And if 22-year old Cole regularly took on his YouTube videos channel to address potential concerns members of the LGBT community might raise: ‘’How to take action after Orlando’’, ‘’How to be an adult’’, ‘’How to make up for men’’; it is another kind of challenge he decided to face earlier this year.

Indeed it is on a 12,000-mile adventure Ledford embarked this last May, as he travelled through every US State hoping to give a ‘’national platform to individuals in [the] community who haven’t always been able to voice their story and be heard’’

Cole, who himself attempted suicide back in 2010 when he faced depression said: ‘’This project has the chance to not only inspire, but save lives.’’

Watch the 50 States of Gay teaser below:

All the footage shot across the 24-day trip is to be featured into a full-length documentary that is set to premiere on Cole’s website early in December this year.

Profits are to be donated to help queer youth.

Words: Salomé Baudino