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Olympic athlete Tomás González comes out as gay: ‘Accepting myself wasn’t easy’

"I'm glad that things are becoming more normalised today," the Chilean gymnast shared.

By Dale Fox

Olympian Tomás González has come out as gay (Image: Instagram/tomasgonzalez1

Chilean Olympic athlete Tomás González has come out as gay, saying in a recent interview: “I guess it’s not a big deal anymore, but yes, I’m gay.”

The gymnast opened up about his journey last month to Chilean news outlet La Tercera, saying he “cried a lot in those [early] days.”

The 37-year-old revealed he only came to terms with his sexuality at 24, after dating women since 18 and planning to marry and have children. He added that his traditional upbringing played a part in this.

A man performs gymnastics
Tomas revealed it took many years before he was able to understand his sexuality (Image: Instagram/tomasgonzalez1)

“Accepting myself wasn’t an easy process,” he said. “Ultimately, one grows up in a heteronormative society that conditions you in the same way. I’m glad that things are becoming more normalised today.”

He told La Tercera he’s been in a relationship for six years and plans to adopt with his partner in the future.

Impressive athlete

Tomás has earned an impressive nine medals over the years for his discipline of gymnastics. He’s competed in three summer Olympics, including London 2012.

The Olympian recently released his Spanish-language autiobiography, Campeón (Champion), in which he talks more about his upbringing and professional career.

In the book, he discusses an “abusive” coach, who allegedly screamed “faggot” at him after he made a fault during a 2007 competition. He says the coach also kept him isolated from others, leading a toll on the athlete’s mental health before they finally cut ties.

“Failures are overcome by being humble and analysing what happened without becoming involved in playing the victim,” Tomás says in the release.