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Jamie Lee Curtis vows to defend trans rights for her daughter

"Being a parent is about love, and I love Ruby," the Oscar winner said of her child.

By Dale Fox

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis says it's her job to fight transphobia as the parent of a trans child (Image: WikiCommons/Gage Skidmore)

Oscar winner Jamie Lee Curtis has reaffirmed her status as an ally by saying it’s her job to “fight and defend [against]” transphobia, when talking about her trans daughter.

In an interview aired in the US on 28 July, the Everything Everywhere All At Once star opened up about her daughter Ruby Guest, 27, saying: “Being a parent is about love, and I love Ruby.”

“This is my daughter – this human being has come to me and said, ‘This is who I am.’ And my job is to say, ‘Welcome home.’ I will fight and defend her right to exist to anyone who claims that she doesn’t. And there are those people.” The actor was interviewed on US network MSNBC.

Jamie shared in a 2021 AARP interview that Ruby was trans, saying: “[We] have watched in wonder and pride as our son became our daughter Ruby.”

Ruby is the adopted daughter of Jamie and her husband Christopher Guest, a British-American actor and director.

“There is no debate to argue here”

The Halloween icon has been a long-time supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. In 2016, she spoke out against North Carolina’s HB2 law, which banned transgender people from using the public toilet that corresponds with their gender identity.

She also dedicated her 2023 Oscar to Ruby, saying in an interview afterwards that she had given the statue they/them pronouns in support of her.

Jamie Lee Curtis is frequently outspoken in her support of the queer community on her social profiles. Earlier this year, she wrote on Facebook: “It is absolutely F*CKED witnessing the ongoing normalization of eliminationist transphobia. The right’s war on queer people, most specifically trans people, is both bizarre and abhorrent.

“There is no debate to argue here. Trans people have been here forever and aren’t going anywhere. There is no ideology here. It’s simple. Trans rights are human rights. Anything stating the contrary is wrong.”