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SNP leadership contender Kate Forbes would have voted against gay marriage, has ‘concerns’ about gender self-ID

“Marriage between a man and a woman, that is what I practice"

By Jamie Tabberer

Kate Forbes (Image: Wikimedia)
Kate Forbes (Image: Wikimedia)

Kate Forbes, a candidate for Scottish National Party leadership, has said she would have voted against marriage equality and has “significant concerns” about gender self-identification.

The politician is launching her leadership campaign following SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation announcement last week.

Scottish finance minister Forbes, who is a Christian, made the claims in an interview with Channel 4 News on Monday (20 February)

“I will not roll back on any rights that already exist in Scotland” – Kate Forbes

“Marriage being between a man and a woman,” Forbes said during the interview. “That is what I practise.

“But I will not roll back on any rights that already exist in Scotland.”

Scotland achieved marriage equality in 2014.

Forbes then added: “I would have [voted against marriage equality]. And I think the example that’s worth talking about here is Angela Merkel.

“Under Angela Merkel’s leadership she held a vote on same-sex marriage. She implemented the results of that vote to introduce the legal right to marriage. But she voted in line with her conscience.”

Merkel, the former Chancellor of Germany, voted against marriage equality in 2017.

Forbes, 32, elsewhere said: “I don’t support self-ID… I think there is scope to revisit the bill. We need to make it a less onerous process but that is going to require a grown-up debate and discussion with the UK Government.”

Last month, it emerged that the UK Government is blocking Scotland’s new gender reform legislation, passed by the Scottish Parliament in December.

The reforms remove the need for a medical diagnosis to obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

Sturgeon – an advocate of Scottish independence – responded by describing the move as “a full-frontal attack on our democratically elected Scottish Parliament.”

Forbes has served as the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Economy since 2020.

She has also been the Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Skye, Lochaber, and Badenoch constituency since 2016.

Following backlash from LGBTQs, allies and politicians within her own party, Forbes this morning told Times Radio: “I regret enormously the pain or hurt that has been caused because that was neither my intention, and I would seek forgiveness if that is how it’s come across.”

However, in another interview, as reported by Sky News, she said her leadership bid was “absolutely not over.”

“We need a leader who’s bold, brave and energised”

Addressing her leadership bid and Scottish independence on Twitter this week, Forbes said on Twitter: “I can’t sit back and watch our nation thwarted on the road to self-determination.”

“We need a leader who’s bold, brave and energised, fresh faced and ready for new challenges,” added Forbes. “Somebody who inspires your confidence as an SNP member, and who inspires the confidence of the people of Scotland to vote for a better future. I am that leader.”