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Dylan Mulvaney turns Republican’s ‘hate and ignorance’ into good after Cameo trick

"I wish I could say that this was the first time that this happened, but I am in fact the most gullible person in the world"

By Alastair James

Dylan Mulvaney
Dylan Mulvaney at the Attitude Awards (Image: Kit Oates/Attitude)

Dylan Mulvaney has tried to turn a US Republican politician’s “hate and ignorance” into good after the influencer was tricked into mocking another politician.

Mulvaney was recently paid to film a video on the service Cameo by the Republican Rick Becker. Becker is currently running to represent North Dakota in the state’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. A former state lawmaker, Becker is running against fellow Republican, and Donald Trump-approved, Julie Fedorchak.

Trolling Fedorchak, Becker asked Mulvaney to film a video praising his opponent for promoting green energy and reducing coal plants, which Mulvaney said was “so iconic.”

Becker also told Mulvaney to congratulate Fedorchak on a “job change” of moving to Washington DC to work with rhinos. “That is insane” commented Mulvaney innocently in the video wondering how a person goes from one job to another. What Mulvaney didn’t appear to realise that the “rhinos” Becker meant were actually RINOs – Republicans In Name Only, a pejorative term used by some Republicans against members of the party.

“I had absolutely no idea the intent behind it” – Dylan Mulvaney

Becker laughed at the situation when he posted the video on X, formerly Twitter, on 21 May. “Getting this video made was pretty dang fun,” he wrote. Misgendering Mulvaney, Becker said she “did an excellent job” highlighting Fedorchak’s work “against coal plants in North Dakota and her desire to work with RINOs in DC.”

He continued: “Well worth the Cameo fee for the laugh and to get our message out. What’s not a laughing matter is how time and again Julie Fedorchack placed radical green energy proposals above the coal industry here in North Dakota. In contrast, I recently received the endorsement of Co-Chairman of the Congressional Coal Caucus, because of my commitment to the coal industry.”

On Thursday (30 May) Mulvaney responded on TikTok. “This week, someone purchased a Cameo video from me,” the 2023 Attitude Woman of the Year began. “And I had absolutely no idea the intent behind it, so I made the video. And it turns out it was a conservative politician using the video to bully his opponent. I wish I could say that this was the first time that this happened, but I am in fact the most gullible person in the world.”

She then said she wanted to use Becker’s “hate and ignorance” for good by donating 100% of her Cameo profits for the next month to Save the Children who are providing emergency services to people affected by the Israel-Gaza conflict. Mulvaney also encouraged people to donate to the cause and also called for a permanent ceasefire.


Link in bio- all profits go to Save the Children which currently has currently has operations set up in gaza ❤️

♬ original sound – Dylan Mulvaney

While the whole episode is perhaps a lesson in diligence, it’s also an example of rising above people spreading hate and doing something good instead. Bravo Dylan!