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Real Bodies | ‘I used to hate my body so much I went as far as self-harming’

25-year-old support worker Dominic strips off to celebrate body positivity.

By Will Stroude

Dominic, 25

Occupation: Support worker

Height: 5ft. 10″/180cm

Weight: 11 stone/70kg

How would you describe your body?

I always say I’m skinny-fat. I’m slim, but there’s not an ab in sight and I have a little chub left from where I used to be quite large.

How has your relationship with your body changed over the years?

Growing up, I was bullied for my weight and the way I acted and dressed. I suffered with depression and moved schools four times. I used to hate my body and went as far as self-harming as a teen. Weight loss helped me become happy with my body.

Are you happy with how you look and would you change anything

Generally speaking, I am happy. If I could change anything, I would get a nose job.

Who is your ideal man and why?

Based on looks, voice and how he acts: Danny Dyer in his role as Mick in EastEnders.

How has your self-confidence improved?

Once upon a time I hardly even had the confidence to even introduce myself to people, and until 2016 I never took my top off in public — not even on the beach. There’s no way I could have done a shoot such as this until the past year or so.

What advice would you give to people about loving theyr body?

Have confidence in what you have and realise that nobody’s judging you — they are all probably too busy judging themselves!

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