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Pure For Men: A more confident you

In partnership with Pure for Men.

By Will Stroude

By now, you’re probably familiar with Pure For Men, the go-to fibre supplement that when combined with a shower, eliminates the need to douche before playtime.

All of the brand’s products have provided the freedom and peace of mind that goes along with being ready at a moment’s notice, paired with the increased confidence and feeling of overall wellness that comes from a daily self-care routine.

The all-natural, high-grade fibre supplement first gained popularity among gay men and others who love butt stuff for its safety, effectiveness and reliability. Following the popularity of the fibre supplement, the plant-powered Stay Ready Collection, has become the ultimate solution to daily functions for a man on the go!

Pure For Men – Daily Personal Care Products from Pure for Men on Vimeo.

From the moment you wake up, until the moment you lay your bum to rest, Pure for Men has your everyday health and hygiene needs covered.

Pure for Men’s goal is to create the most natural, and holistic products for men’s hygiene and wellness. The daily method of cleanse, exfoliate, and scrub, using vegan and organic ingredients allows you to take care of your body from head to toe. Within the original Stay Ready products, the soap bar detoxifies your body and kills unwanted bacteria.

The scrub exfoliates dead skin and nourishes you with rich hydration that lasts! The cream has it all as it provides lasting moisture for your skin, hair, and beard with a natural gorgeous scent.

Not only does the Stay Ready Collection address external cleanliness but also personal care needs from the smooth-never-sticky lube options to the sleek and discreet Stay Ready Wipes, that will be your favorite personal companion.

The most recent addition gets back to health from the inside out, and it is flying off the shelves. The Stay Ready Multivitamin is specially designed to address the health needs of all men and provides 100% daily value of essential vitamins and minerals.

This multivitamin offers a variety of key nutrients in each tablet, making it easier for every gay male to be proactive with their health no matter how busy your schedule may be!

Pure For Men’s commitment to health and happiness in and out of the bedroom, or wherever else you like to get down, has been exquisitely and thoughtfully executed thus far, and we can’t wait to experience what’s next.

Stay Healthy and #STAYREADY

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