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Meet the new Arcwave Voy, the ultimate stroker for men

In partnership with Lovehoney.

By Alastair James

Pictures: Arcwave

May we introduce you to the Arcwave Voy; the ultimate hand enhancer – the world’s first CleanTech silicone stroker for men to specifically target the Merkel-Ranvier receptors.

The latest Arcwave device, the Voy is a premium compact male stroker created with the modern male sex-toy user in mind.

Featuring superior materials, a custom fit, and clever technology, the Voy allows its user to adjust the tightness of the device, helping users reach a powerful orgasm.

Explaining the innovation of the Voy, Johanna Rief, the Head of Sexual Empowerment at Arcwave, says: “According to our latest 2021 global study, 55 percent of men globally masturbate without the use of toy enhancement.

“We decided to think about how we could take that usual hand experience to the next level. The Arcwave Voy makes it happen in two ways: The patented CleanTech silicon creates a unique ultra-soft sensation that human hands and other non-Arcwave strokers are not able to provide.

“Additionally, the tightness adjustment system eliminates effort and intensifies pleasure by targeting the penis’ Merkel receptors”.

Research reveals that Merkel-Ranvier receptors in the skin of the penis respond particularly well to pressure – a finding that other sex toys and masturbators have ignored.

The Voy utilises this science to stimulate these receptors with its unique Tightness Adjustment System (TAS), creating the perfect fit for everybody and a male masturbation sex toy unlike any other.”

Key Features of the Arcwave Voy:

Tightness Adjustment System (TAS)

Unique to Arcwave, TAS is designed to target specific pleasure sensors – the highly sensitive Merkel-Ranvier receptors in the penis – that respond well to pressure. When stimulated just right, this creates a whole new pleasure sensation – which is why playing with this male stroker is more intense than regular masturbation. A truly new sensation!

8 Different Settings

To adjust pressure on the penis, simply twist the TAS ring to customize your pleasure. You can choose from 8 different settings so it’s easy to find the right fit and feel for you. Hold tight.

Compact Size

Voy is designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Its ergonomic shape makes it incredibly easy to handle and always gives you the perfect grip. In addition, its slim design allows you to store it easily and discreetly in any drawer or bedside table.

CleanTech Silicone

Keeping Voy fresh is simple. Arcwave’s cutting-edge CleanTech silicone is super smooth, hygienic, and with high density and biocompatibility making it safe from pathogens and germs. Precision engineering gives this material a superior finish.

Protector Lids

Storing your sex toy has never been easier. Voy includes two protector lids featuring ventilation channels so that Voy can dry quickly and maintain a sleek, perfect condition. Protector lids help make Voy stylish and ideal for displaying anywhere.

A global study conducted by Arcwave in 2021 and responded by 7,200 men from 18 countries found that 47 percent of men ‘never talk about masturbation’. In an effort to change this, Arcwave is launching a hotline as a way of encouraging a more open, positive, and fun conversation on the subject.

When calling the hotline, men will be prompted with a menu in order to choose the kind of information they want to receive, including tips for a healthy masturbation routine, the links between masturbation and sex, and others.

Johanna Rief comments: “Unfortunately, masturbation is still a taboo for all gender identities globally. But the conversation around the health and wellness benefits of masturbation in the last decade has been led by the female empowerment movement.

“Opening up this new line of communication with the male gender identity can help them develop a similar masturbation mindset that gives more relevancy to healthy and wellness-driven, but still fun routines.”

Masturbation isn’t something to be ashamed of. Also, there are many benefits to exploring your body, whether on your own or with a partner, and sex toys can elevate solo and shared experiences giving you sensations hands can’t achieve alone.

The Arcwave Voy is currently available at,, and other retailers.