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Go behind the scenes of ‘Spider-Man’ Trevor Bell’s Attitude Active shoot – WATCH

Meet the man underneath the spandex in Attitude's December issue.

By Will Stroude

Spider-Man fans suffered a trauma earlier this year when it looked like Tom Holland might have to hang up his Spidey suit in future Marvel films.

While that particularly industry drama was soon rectified, we definitely know who we’d like to see swinging from New York skyscrapers should there ever been the need for a re-cast.

Trevor Bell, 25, has amassed a huge following on social media since turning his back on a 9-to-5 job in finance in favour of living as a full-time online superhero – and in Attitude’s December issue, available to download and to order globally now – the captain of cosplay shows us the man underneath the costume.

You can check out all the behind the scenes action from Trevor’s jaw-dropping shoot in our exclusive video as the model and actor lifts the lid on life as an online superhero.

Asked whether he’s ever done the infamous ‘upside-down Spider-Man kiss’ in our December issue, Trevor replies: “I have, believe it or not!

“But I’ve never worn the suit in the bedroom in that way. I’m kind of sad about it. I really am. I could be interested in something like that…”

Trevor Bell, shot by Taylor Miller exclusively for Attitude’s December issue


He adds: “I’m pretty crazy so I would be OK with it. Maybe I should just show up one day in the bedroom, in full suit.”

Now that’s a Spidey sequel we can all look forward to…

Check out Trevor’s full shoot an interview in the Attitude’s December issue, out now.

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