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Arcwave Ion: The new sex toy promising ‘female orgasms for men’

Around 70% of men said they experienced a more intense climax after using the pulsating hey experienced a more intense climax after using the pulsating Pleasure Air Technology.

By Will Stroude

In the age of lockdowns and social distancing, showing yourself a bit of self-love and self-care is more important than ever.

Now, one sex toy company is ensuring guys won’t be in a rush to leave the house again even after the pandemic’s over with the release of a new product that promises ‘female orgasms for men’.

Billed as the world’s first ‘Pleasure Air Stroker’ for men, the Arcwave Ion utilises pulsating air waves, a patented technology and typically seen in the products of the female sex toy brand Womanizer to stimulate nerve endings on the tip of the penis.

Creators say the result is a more intense orgasm, and that given “nerve endings have no gender identity” men have long been missing out compared to the ladies due to comparatively limited sex toy ranges aimed at genital stimulation.

There’s science behind the greater sexual pleasure: nerve-endings called ‘Pacini receptors’ that are found in the clitoris are also found in the frenulum which connects the head of the penis to the shaft, but these are not generally well-stimulated by heavy skin-to-skin pressure.

The pulsating air waves emitted by the Arcwave Ion rapidly and lightly stimulate these receptors, often resulting in an orgasm for guys unlike any other.

Survey research for Arcwave shows that around 70% of men said they experienced a more intense climax after using the pulsating air wave – known as Pleasure Air Technology – with almost three-quarters (74%) using the word “explosive” to describe the experience and more than two-thirds (68%) using the word “overwhelming”.

High praise indeed…

Arcwave say they hope the Ion can help open men’s minds when it comes to sex toys and genital stimulation, after a recent survey of 7000 people in 14 countries found that a third still believe that it’s much more acceptable for women to use a sex toy.  

The rechargeable, ergonomically-designed Arcwave Ion has eight intensity levels and is made of smart CleanTech silicone, ensuring it’s smooth supple, durable, and (importantly) easy to clean. 

It’s also water-resistant to 1m depth for 30 minutes, meaning the Arcwave Ion’s use doesn’t have to be limited just to the bedroom…

Arcwave Ion retails at £169 and can be purchased at Arcwave.