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Twitter ignites after Expedia features interracial gay couple in ad

By Will Stroude

Online travel booking company Expedia has unleashed a Twitter storm after featuring an interracial same-sex couple in its new promotional material.

The image – which the company first shared on Twitter last Thursday (March 19) – accompanies a competition offering people the chance to win a holiday to the UK. It has since received hundreds of comments, provoking both the best and worst reactions on the social media platform.

Somewhat predictably, the image of the happy couple incurred the wrath of the ‘phobes, with one Twitter user branding the image “repulsive” and threatening to boycott the company:

The image has received a positive reaction from most quarters however, with one user praising the Expedia for having the “balls” to promote diversity:

This is not the first time that Expedia has featured a same-sex couple in a marketing campaign. In October 2012, the company produced an advert which showed a homophobic father purchasing a ticket to attend his daughter’s marriage to another woman.

Recent months have seen a wave of firsts in LGBT-inclusive advertising, with luxury jeweler Tiffany’s featuring a same-sex couple for the first time in its 178-year history and traditionally laddy men’s grooming brand Lynx including a same-sex kiss in a new TV ad.

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