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The most famous LGBTQ neighbourhoods in the world

Although LGBT people can feel much more freedom nowadays than they used to do in the past, famous gay neighbourhoods still attract many tourists and remain famous.

By Will Stroude

A gay neighbourhood (aka gaybourhood) is a term that became known almost a century ago. Gay and queer persons felt the urgent need to stay out of danger and prejudice. Hence, such special city districts started to appear to counter the homophobic reality of the Western civilization that used to be severe in the past. That’s a nice essay topic for students. Still, if you don’t feel confident enough to write it on your own, consider hiring an essay helper online.

In our times, LGBT-neighbourhoods are not as required as they used to be because the public acceptance of gay people becomes better and better throughout the years first of all. I used to look for the opportunity to pay someone to do my homework about gay history, so I know that pretty well. Additionally, the development of online communication allowed LGBT-positive persons to meet each other not only in special places.

Still, you might want to visit one of the places mentioned below just to see some part of long-lasting LGBT history. Here, see the five most famous LGBT-neighbourhoods. I picked one per country, so there could be more diversity 🙂

USA – West Village, New York City

The Big Apple is also a great centre of gay history. Consequently, it is challenging to name the exact “best” LGBT-neighbourhood of the most inhabited US city. Districts like Park Slope, Soho, and Hells Kitchen have their big gay communities. However, the “top gay” history of the entire planet is most probably connected to the West Village.

There, the place of game-changing riots for LGBT people is located: The Stonewall Inn. Additionally, the largest Pride in the world finishes here. It’s a place literally breathing with gay history. If I had to ask someone to write an essay for me about LGBT history, I’d definitely made a recommendation to mention this place in the assignment.

Spain – Chueca, Madrid

Spain is the country standing among the most LGBTQ-friendly ones all over the planet. Still, this does not mean the accepting state can’t have some special districts. One of those is Chueca, the neighbourhood in the capital city of Madrid, which is even greater for gays than entire Spain.

You’ll know you reached the place after you see Pride banners hanged on balconies. Additionally, the energy of the neighbourhood is something you are bound to understand and charge up with. This place is a busy night life festival, letting everyone feel as if they were at home.

Mexico – Zona Rosa, Mexico City

A gaybourhood of Zona Rosa situated in the centre of Mexico City is a pure bohemian paradise. The region is known and admired by locals and popular among tourists because of the intense nightlife and cool art scene they can find there. 

The queer art collection is just stunning here at Art Space. The places as Kinky are perfect for dancing and hanging out there whenever you want. Multiple toy shops suitable for queer persons can be seen and visited in Zona Rosa.

The cherry on the cake here is the Korean diaspore community that also has its centre in this LGBT-friendly neighbourhood. Tasting some of their authentic cuisine meals is a must for everyone visiting the area.

Italy – Via San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome

Actually, the capital city of Italy is a place where you won’t find Pride flags demonstrated outside in the streets. Italians are extremely private and conservative, which can be shocking considering how friendly and communicative they are with foreigners.

Still, the central “LGBT street” of Italy is situated in the very heart of Rome, right in the big and heavy shadow of the architectural wonder: The Coliseum. A street named via San Giovanni in Laterano has a lot to offer. Multiple LGBT cafes and bars on the terraces stand next to each other. Choose whatever one you like the most!

The LGBT life transfers to some other place when summer comes. It’s the open-air event on the outer edges of the city named simply the “Gay Village”. To get maximum impression and inspiration, you should visit Rome during the warmest season of the year.

UK – Soho, London

When a random person thinks of LGBT communities in the UK, places coming to their mind are most probably Brighton, Manchester, or both. However, one should never skip the gaybourhood connected with much history: Soho in London.

This city district is full of locals and tourists all the time due to many factors, such as Trafalgar Square located nearby. Many “new” members of local LGBT communities prefer visiting some other city districts, but Soho will probably remain the main hub of a local gay life forever. Most likely, professional academic writers from websites like will write a lot of essays for UK students about this and other gaybourhoods of Britain in the future.

To Conclude

There are many more LGBT-friendly neighbourhoods worldwide, but writing about all of them would take too much time and place. The point is that gay people are far more accepted nowadays than they used to be in the quite recent past, so all gaybourhoods will most probably turn from safety resorts to great historic places sooner or later.

And this isn’t bad.