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Check out Tom Allen’s stunning drag transformation by Drag Race UK’s Ella Vaday

Exclusive: The comedian stars in Attitude's Queen for a Day series, sponsored by Washington, DC

By Dale Fox

Composite of Tom Allen on the left and a blurred photo of him in drag on the right
Tom Allen has undergone a drag transformation for the first time (Image: Markus Bidaux/Attitude; Design: Richard Burns/Attitude)

Comedian Tom Allen has stepped out of his comfort zone and into a fabulous frock for a drag makeover by RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Ella Vaday. The result? A dazzling drag persona with a touch of grit and a lot of wit.

Supported by our partners Washington, DCHays Travel, and Visit the USA, the Queen for a Day series is part of Attitude Pride at Home 2024, to benefit the Attitude Magazine Foundation (AMF) for LGBTQ+ causes.

While Tom decided to keep his signature beard for his drag makeover, he otherwise went all out, donning a glittering red gown and fabulous jewels from the Brighton Birdcage. Seeing himself fully done up, the funny man quipped that he resembled “Geri Halliwell and Cilla Black melted down and reformed into Adele.”

The pair also dished about their favourite Pride memories, with Tom noting that some of his best experiences have been at US Prides. Looking ahead, they excitedly discussed the possibility of attending WorldPride 2025 in Washington, DC next year.

“It’s a fabulous city with amazing culture, amazing food, amazing people” – Tom Allen on Washington, DC

“I have been to Washington, DC before,” Tom told Ella mid-transformation. “It’s a fabulous city with amazing culture, amazing food, amazing people.

Tom Allen standing against a pink backdrop
“If we get a moment just to shine bright like a diamond, then why not do it?” (Image: Markus Bidaux/Attitude)

“It’s like this kind of magical town where you just turn a corner and you’re like, oh, there’s the White House. Oh, there’s the Franklin [D. Roosevelt] Memorial.”

From iconic museums like the Smithsonian Institution to the hallowed halls of the US Capitol, Washington, DC offers a wealth of cultural and historical experiences for visitors to explore all-year round. The city’s vibrant nightlife scene, with numerous LGBTQ+ friendly bars and clubs, and its diverse culinary scene from Michelin-starred restaurants to beloved local eateries guarantee there’s always something fabulous to do of an evening. And for a bit of down time, there’s the city’s lush parks and gardens, such as the stunning National Arboretum or the sprawling Rock Creek Park.

Tom also spoke of his own experience of visiting WorldPride in 2019, saying: “There’s times in our world when it’s difficult to celebrate. And if we get a moment just to shine bright like a diamond, then why not do it?”

WorldPride 2025 coinciding with 50th anniversary of Capital Pride in Washington, DC

WorldPride 2025 will be held in Washington, DC between 23 May and 8 June, marking the 50th anniversary of Capital Pride celebrations. Over 16 days, the city will host a dazzling array of events, including a massive march that follows the route of freedom fighters such as Martin Luther King Jr.

The closing weekend of WorldPride 2025 on 7 and 8 June will also see two days of music and partying thanks to the Capital Pride Festival taking over 100 acres of parkland in the heart of the city amid the iconic National Mall. Expect hundreds of stalls, music, food, and entertainment stages.

Brace yourself as Tom Allen transforms into Rose Bud

After much deliberation on his drag name – with options ranging from “Fluffy Curtains” to “Elle Toworkwith” – Tom settled on “Rose Bud” for his newly glammed-up persona. He painted a picture of Ms Bud as “a girl about town” who’s “open to anything,” but with a touch of world-weariness.

Fully embodying the character, Tom quipped that Rose Bud seemed a tad “abrasive,” like a pub owner who’s seen better days. “Do you want a double for a pound?” she asked, channelling that glamourous yet gritty barmaid we all know and love. “I told you, it’s closing time – we ain’t serving you no more!”

The comedian added that he hopes to one day take the stage as Rose Bud at a future WorldPride celebration. With Ella Vaday as her drag mother, Rose Bud is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Suzi Ruffell and Kyron Hamilton coming up next in Queen for a Day

Composite of four people against a queen for a day logo
Queen for a Day, sponsored by Washington, DC (Image design: Attitude/Richard Burn)

In the coming weeks, Queen for a Day will feature Tom’s comedy comrade Suzi Ruffell and hilarious TikTok sensation Kyron Hamilton undergoing their own drag transformations by the fabulous Ella Vaday. Will they rise to the challenge and give Rose Bud a run for her money? Stay tuned to find out.

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