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Stephen K. Amos: ‘There’s nothing more important than being your true self’

The comedian stars in the exclusive My Pride, empowered by Bentley series

By Dale Fox

Stephen K. Amos against a My Pride logo
Stephen K. Amos stars in My Pride, empowered by Bentley (Image: Dan Williams; Design: Markus Bidaux)

Comedian, author and television personality Stephen K. Amos has emphasised the importance of being oneself, in the exclusive My Pride, empowered by Bentley series, as part of Pride with Attitude.

Speaking to us from Bentley’s carbon-neutral HQ, Stephen said that “being yourself and at one with yourself means that you love yourself.”

On his coming out journey, Stephen added: “I was one of the people that didn’t really hide who I was to my friends and immediate family. And I was very lucky enough to have a very supportive family.”

There was a particularly show in his career that stands out, however, with the comedian describing it as his “professional coming out moment.”

“I did a show up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and within that show I said the line, ‘And by the way, I’m attracted to men.’ And the audible gasps from the audience, including a voice shouting, ‘Oh no, not him!’ I took it for granted that everyone just knew!”

‘That was a pivotal moment in the journey’

Stephen also spoke about “my first ever time going to an all Black gay club in London.”

“Wow. Seeing a sea of people who looked like me, who I identified with, that was a pivotal moment in the journey where I felt a strong connection [to the community].

On what Pride means to him personally, he explained: “[It] means to me the king of the jungle,
the lion, the roar. You’re proud of who you are, you’re proud of your community.

“You’re prepared to put your head above the parapet and also make a stand for other people who don’t have a voice.”

My Pride, empowered by Bentley is part of the Pride with Attitude digital festival. In the coming weeks, we’ll also see appearances from broadcaster Riyadh KhalafRuPaul’s Drag Race UK‘s Cheddar Gorgeous, and Bentley’s own Lucy Rogers.

The festival aims to raise money for the Attitude Magazine Foundation (AMF) for LGBTQ+ causes. To donate £3, £5, £10 or £20 to the AMF, text PWA3, PWA5, PWA10 or PWA20 to 70580. You can also click here to donate to the AMF online.