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Magnum celebrates all things pleasure at its exclusive Cannes beach party

In partnership with Magnum

By Dale Fox

A group of people on a dancefloor
The J'taime Party crew stun the crowds at Magnum's Cannes party. (Image: David Parry/PA Wire)

The great Britney Spears once asked, “Wanna party in France?” and Attitude did just that this week with Magnum, on the beach in Cannes.

Celebrating pleasure with the launch of its delightful new ice creams, Sunlover and Starchaser, we boogied on down with the likes of Eva Longoria, Nicole Scherzinger, and the fabulous Je t’aime Party crew.

DJs Barbara Butch and Bob Sinclair provided the soundtrack to this stunning celebration of all things pleasurable.

Eva Longoria holds up an ice cream in front of a Magnum sign
Eva Longoria was one of the many stars partying at the Magnum event in Cannes. (Image: James Speakman/PA Wire)

Magnum also showcased its Dipping Bar, where you could pick up your own personalised Magnum ice cream, adorned with a decoration of your choosing. Delicious.

Between munching on Magnums and enjoying the peaceful nighttime ocean views, we caught up with the many stars on the red carpet to ask them what pleasure means to them.

“Knowing when you put all your hard work, all your heart, your passion, into something that you feel is your purpose and the outcome happens and you just feel at peace, you’re happy,” Nicole Scherzinger told us.

Night of queer talent

The evening of raucous indiscretions and shameless fabulousness was punctuated by LGBTQ+ talent. Lesbian activist DJ Barbara Butch span the most memorable set of the evening, seeing everyone from tuxedoed gentlemen to glitter-covered queens getting on down together. No boundaries here.

Meanwhile, French drag star Le Filip stole the show by tossing champagne around the dancefloor as part of her shamelessly camp act. We didn’t know that having a drag queen throw champagne in your face is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list – we do now.

A drag queen stands on a stage in front of an audience
French drag star Le Filip threw champagne in our faces – and we loved it. (Image: David Parry/PA Wire)

“What gives me the most pleasure? Him,” she told us, pointing towards statuesque dancer and voguing star Snake Ninja.

Snake (or is that Mr. Ninja?) ended the night – and all of our lives – by voguing not only the house down, but the entire world.

Working the floor in red latex thigh-highs, his voguing extravaganza was the ultimate climax to this night that was all about one thing: pleasure.

The only downside to Magnum’s Cannes party was its inevitable conclusion. Until next year, we hope.