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Easy Home Improvement Ideas to Modernize Your Space

By Tyler Shepherd

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(Image: Unsplash)

Are you looking to update your home without breaking the bank? A few easy, budget upgrades can revamp your space to make it appear newer, more spacious, and upscale. Let’s discuss how you can give your home a high-end look with these simple home improvement ideas.

Paint Trim

Start with the basics: trim work showcases your home’s features, directing attention to walls, staircases, windows, and more design themes. Painting trim with a warm colour adds flair and highlights these elements—thereby contributing to a modern look. Repaint dated woodwork with a new coat of white paint, or go for a contrasting trim colour, like black, if you want that striking modern effect.

Make Your Ceiling Look Higher

Consider this concern: high ceilings present heating and air circulation challenges. That’s not all; such ceilings create barriers for sound and light control, increasing painting budgets, window covering expenses, and calling for extra artwork. Low ceilings in spaces can be warmer, more intimate, and symmetrical with the human scale.

Updating a home is somewhat easy when you select the best homeware pieces. For one, window treatments are an excellent idea to create the illusion of a soaring ceiling.

Pro Tip: Place curtain rods close to the ceiling. On the same note, select long, flowing drapes to see to it that the space has a grand feel.

Add Temporary Wallpaper

Frame your space in a new light. Wallpaper treatments add remarkable style while keeping home upgrade costs low. Remove antiquated wallpaper and replace it with peel-and-stick wallpaper to create a modern feel. This bold home improvement idea is easy to apply and less pricey vis-à-vis traditional wallpaper. Try this wall treatment idea in smaller spaces, including entryways, deco-inspired powder rooms, or utility spaces. The best part is that you can change the semi-permanent options, as desired, for an original look.

Add Dimension with Moulding

Elevate your design element by using moulding to highlight and boost your home’s aesthetic. Give boring walls a panelled look by installing narrow strips of moulding. This picture-framing design trick is an excellent way to create focal points in some sections of the room. Ensure that even spacing and edges are aligned for a proportional, eye-catching look.

Here’s the installation process for this vibrant design element.

Step #1: Consider the Style and Material

Moulding panels are incredibly dynamic design elements; picking the right style and pattern is vital to your home improvement project. Consider custom thickness, width, height, colour, patterns, and finishing touches.

Step #2: Take Measurements

Are you using batten trim to conceal the seams sandwiching your boards? Ensure the heights match, and measure the entire wall, calculating the trim required to cover the complete length. Buy extra material just in case you’ll need it.

Step #3: Locate the Studs

Use a stud finder to trace and mark the studs in the wall. These pointers help anchor the trim and boards—ensuring they stay in place.

Step #4: Make Your Precise Cuts

Cut the materials as per the measurements collected in the above step. Cut the different degrees to ensure the batten fits securely onto the boards. For an exquisite finish, cut batten moulding to install on the edges of the panels that span the room (akin to a chair rail).

Step #5: Smoothen and Install

It’s time to proceed with the installation. While binding all the pieces, be mindful of levelling everything to give a straight appearance. Add glue on the edges of the moulding in contact with the wall or ceiling and fit the pieces in place. Consider sealant that’s versatile for indoor and outdoor use. Once you have an excellent seamless fit, nail the pieces in place. Next, nail the moulding onto the studs, interchanging from the upper and lower sections of the moulding.

Step #6: Patch and Caulk

Cover any seams or unseemly spaces left behind after installation. This step creates a pristine appearance that’s desired with batten trim and moulding.

Step #7: Prime & Paint

Select colours that match or complement your design aesthetics. Allow ample time to dry, and you’re good to go!

Repaint Your Home

Faded paint gives undesirable vibes. On that point, some colour schemes can become dated. Modernize your home with these easy painting tips:

Consider painting the interior and exterior walls. Bold exterior paint showcases your house to the world. Remember, a clean curb appeal leaves a mark. On the other hand, indoor paint goes a long way in setting the mood, considering the colours used. For instance, blue has that calming feel, while yellow exhibits energy and cheerfulness.

Light colours reflect natural light, meaning your space will appear more sparkly, airy, and clean. Neutral colours form the base for your furnishing to stand out. For the more adventurous individual, try an accent wall—paint one wall lighter or a darker shade than the rest.

Update the Light Fixture

Does that overhead light fixture make you cringe when you flip the switch? Old light fixtures make spaces appear poorly lit, cramped, and dated. Swap out faded fixtures for modern ceiling, table, and floor lamps. Such a move improves the ambiance of your space.

Start Your Dream Upgrade Project

Create beautiful, timeless surfaces that work wonders for your home’s value. You can make your space appear polished and luxurious by replacing mismatched or dated pieces. Begin the home improvement project for a sleek look that will age well today.

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