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The xx’s Romy on her Grammy nod, loving Cher and advice to LGBTQs struggling with coming out

Exclusive: "There's an extended family there for you," the 'Strong' singer told Attitude at tonight's Rolling Stone UK Awards, in collaboration with Rémy Martin

By Jamie Tabberer

Romy, and far left, with wife Vic Lentaigne (Images: Kit Oates/Press)
Romy, and far left, with wife Vic Lentaigne (Images: Kit Oates/Press)

Romy Madley Croft, one third of award-winning indie band The xx, has shared her advice to LGBTQ fans struggling with the coming out process.

The star, who stepped out with her wife Vic Lentaigne at tonight’s Rolling Stone UK Awards, in collaboration with Rémy Martin, summed up her advice as “take your time.”

Romy publicly addressed her sexuality in songs on her pop-focused hit album Mid Air, released last month – something she generally avoided on songs with The xx.

“I think… Take your time,” she said. “Know you’re loved and supported, and there’s a community out there for you.”

“Even if your family aren’t there for you at first, hopefully in time they will be.”

“I’m a huge fan of Cher” – Romy

The star’s night out at the Roundhouse in London follows recent news that her song ‘Strong’ has been nominated for Best Dance/Electronic Recording at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards.

Asked how she celebrated the nod, Romy said: “I was in the middle of my soundcheck on tour! My manager came up and said: ‘I’m really sorry to interrupt you, but…'”

“I was just speechless, really,” the star continued. “I’m not the kind of person who jumps around, so everybody was like ‘are you happy?!’ I was like: ‘I’m so internally happy. But you might not be able to tell!'”

The singer, who has previously described herself as a “huge’ fan of Cher’s biggest hit Believe, also reacted to news that the pop icon won the same Grammy Romy’s nominated for back in 2000.

“That’s so inspiring!,” she said. “I love that for Cher. I’ve worked that song into my set so I can sing over those chords because I’m so much of a fan!”