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‘Vampire Diaries’ studs close-up: Steven R McQueen

By Josh Haggis

Earlier this week we took a closer look at Ian Somerhalder, one of the stars of hit US teen drama The Vampire Diaries. Now it’s time to size up another of the show’s often shirtless cast members: Steven R McQueen, who plays Jeremy.

The show, now onto its fifth season, follows a group of high-school students, some of whom are vampires, living in the fictional town of Mystic Falls (great name). Sex, violence and a lot of homoerotic neck-biting ensues.

The actor was forced to bulk up for the role –  and it’s fair to say his efforts paid off:

steven r. mcqueen shirtless


steven r. mcqueen shirtless


The gif-ts just keep on giving don’t they?

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