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Thom Evans: Relive ‘The X Factor: Celebrity’ star’s Attitude cover shoot – WATCH

Nicole Scherzinger, we salute you.

By Will Stroude

How are we spending our Tuesday we hear you ask? Well, what we’re most certainly not doing is grinding our keyboard keys into dust as we repeatedly click replay on the highlights of Thom Evans’ 2014 Attitude cover shoot.

The former Scottish rugby union star, who recently appeared as a contestant on that most unlikely of Saturday night TV offerings, The X Factor: Celebrity, stepped out with show judge Nicole Scherzinger at the Golden Globes on Sunday night (7 January), simltanously confirming the pair’s romance and also Scherzy’s position as pop’s most inspirational woman.

Of course, we’re selfless here at Attitude, so it felt only right that we reshared behind the scenes footage of Thom’s shoot with you guys, too. That, plus the fact our own spacebar needs a rest…