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Pics: Toronto’s handsome ‘Fashion Santa’ taking the internet by storm

By Nick Bond

It’s enough to make you believe in Santa again. One Toronto mall has given Mr Claus a thoroughly modern makeover, with ‘Fashion Santa’ – a handsome, bearded hipster-esque model – replacing the dowdy old Father Christmas of years gone by.

Not surprisingly, quite a few shoppers are queuing up to take seat on this Santa’s lap.


‘Fashion Santa’ is actually Paul Mason, a professional model for 30 years who grew a beard two years ago and adopted his new festive persona for the modelling job at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall, CTV News Toronto reports.


“You get people that are a little confused, but once they think about it for a second, they warm up,” Mason said.


Mason wears a red jacket, black belt and boots – but stops short of a santa hat.


“No hat, no God, please. I draw the line there. I am wearing a velvet jacket, its Ferragamo, but I am wearing a velvet jacket.”

“It’s Ferragamo”? We LOVE this Santa. Check out a few more pics of #FashionSanta in action:

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