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Panti Bliss and John Grant team up to talk about mental health

In partnership with Gilead Sciences Ltd

By Steve Brown

This article is part of the My HIV, My Rules, My Journey campaign, a disease awareness programme that has been developed and funded by Gilead Sciences Ltd.

Drag queen Panti Bliss has teamed up with US musician John Grant for a new video series designed to help people living with HIV plan for the long road ahead.

The HIV Garage video series aims to raise awareness of the various health assessments available to people living with HIV.

There are many reasons why people living with HIV might feel down or their mental health is affected as there are many ways to find out more about these problems and address them. In the new video, Panti finds out from the ‘garage owner’ John Grant how to practice meditating and breathing techniques.

To find out how Panti gets on with it and more about how people living with HIV can look after their mental health, watch the new video below:

The US singer-songwriter and former Attitude cover star, who first revealed his own HIV diagnosis in 2012, previously opened up about his HIV positive status.

“Like many people, my journey with HIV has not been an easy one, and now I’ve just hit my fifties I am starting to think about ageing for the first time,” John said.

“With HIV today, it’s great to know we’re looking at a long-distance drive on the open road. I’m pleased to be helping others understand the various tests and checks available in a relatable way, including the HIV Health MOT.”

Also featured in the new video as a HIV Garage mechanic is Paul Fleming, a HIV activist who has previously volunteered for various HIV organisations.

Since its launch over four years ago, the My HIV, My Rules, My Journey campaign has supported gay men living with HIV to make decisions about their health as they age, offering practical information on taking care of your long-term health and reducing the risk of developing conditions associated with HIV as you get older.

If you’re someone living with HIV and want to find out more about HIV health assessments, go to the website to take the Health MOT to create a checklist of topics to discuss with your doctor.

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