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Nicola Formichetti teases that the time has come to work with Lady Gaga again

The pioneering designer and Haus of Gaga member opens up in our new September Style issue.

By Steve Brown

Nicola Formichetti made his name creating some of Lady Gaga’s most iconic looks, and the designer says that the time has come to work with Mother Monster again as she embarks on a brand new era.

Formichetti, now the creative director of Parisian fashion house Mugler, is the genius who helped create Gaga’s legendart meat dress for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, but the 41-year-old says the ‘Bad Romance’ singer was “so encouraging” when he decided to purse his own projects.

In an exclusive interview in Attitude’s September issue – available to buy and download now – he says: “I miss working with her [Gaga]. We worked together for a long time, then I wanted to go off and do my own thing, and she was so encouraging.

“She was one of the first people to tell me to go to Mugler. She was like, ‘I will support you, you’ll be amazing’.

Nicola Formichetti, shot by Leigh Keily exclusively for the September issue of Attitude

“When I went to Diesel she was supportive again. It’s been a couple of years and we were like, ‘I think it’s time to do some stuff together again’.”

Formichetti might have plenty of experience designing iconic outfits for celebrities, but he still has a wishlist of those he would have loved to have dressed, including the late greats David Bowie, Liberace and Michael Jackson.

“I love David Bowie but he was so amazing I don’t know if he would ever have needed my help!” he says.

“I love all the icons, such as Michael Jackson and Liberace, but they were so perfect.

“I just want to meet them and take a selfie together. They didn’t give a fuck and it was so dangerous back then. It was so brave and I love that.”

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Photography: Leigh Keily 

Words: Joseph Kocharian 

Make Up: Maki Ryoke at Streeters 

Nicola wears Nicopanda, shoes by George Cox