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Lance Bass: ‘I looked so goofy in *NSYNC!’

By Christian Guiltenane

N*Sync star Lance Bass and his handsome hubby Michael Turchin are the only couple to appear in this year’s Hot 100 list. Well, that we know of – we do still harbour dreams that, say, Chris Evans and Zac Efron might secretly be having it off.

The loved-up pair pose for the cover of our current issue, and sit down together for a frank chat about love, sex and relationships inside. Take a look…


What is ‘sexy’?

L : I find being thought of as sexy kind of embarrassing! I’ve never seen myself as sexy. I was a very goofy looking teenager, and I had the pleasure of having all that immortalized with my days with *NSYNC. Joy!

M: My idea of sexy definitely involves a guy with confidence, passion, intelligence and a great sense of humor. Looking good naked also helps!

Your sexiest body part?

L: My butt. God gave me an ass!

M: Others comment that they like my arms and chest. And I guess my butt isn’t too bad either.

Do you find yourself under pressure to look a certain way?

L: Only when I came out did I care about going to the gym. That can be shallow, but at least it’s healthy!

M: I think there’s always some sort of pressure for everyone to look fit and attractive at times. At least half of my social media comments are related to how I look so it’s hard to completely put that out of your head. I mostly put the pressure on myself, though, because when I feel I look great it gives me the extra confidence I need to conquer the day.

Do you have any body insecurities?

M: I am in fact guilty of taking one or two too many shirtless selfies at times, but it’s all in good fun. I guess you have to be somewhat of an exhibitionist to put yourself out there like that so maybe I am. Who knows?

Does being fit and healthy equate with body confidence?

L: It took me 30 years to figure out you really are what you eat.

Have you ever been told to buff up?

M: Actually I’ve been told that I needed to be less buff to be successful. I moved to LA originally for acting and I was consistently told that I needed to trim down if I wanted to book more jobs. Now that my primary focus is on art, my ‘buffness’ really isn’t a factor anymore.

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