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‘I love wine and carbs’ – Calum Scott opens up about his ‘yo-yo’ weight

The 'No Matter What' singer said he loves wine and carbs

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Calum Scott has admitted his weight ‘yo-yo’s after posting a body transformation post on Instagram.

The ‘No Matter What’ singer opened up about his weight and shared a series of images showing his changing body on social media where he admitted his weight flucuates because he loves ‘wine and carbs’ – something we can all agree on!

He then goes on to say how he has learnt that it is ok as long as you make sure ‘you train hard and eat well’ saying treats are then deserved.

Writing on social media, he wrote: “Progress pictures whilst on tour 2018. 💪🏼 This year I am going to push myself harder than ever before.

“I always yo-yo with my weight because I love wine and carbs 😬 but I learned that that’s ok. It’s about making sure you train hard and eat well, then the treats are well deserved. Who is getting fit 2020?”

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While speaking to Attitude back in 2018, Calum opened up about feeling more confident in himself and how he feels ‘grounded and at peace’.

He said: “I feel a lot more grounded and at peace with myself I suppose and knowing that the hopes and dreams I have for my songs are becoming a reality.

“I think that’s what’s giving me a new sense of confidence. I have a calling now. I’m here to try and make a difference with my music.

“If I show you my inbox and you read some of the messages. It’s such an overwhelming feeling to see my music as a medicine and that people can listen to it and feel better.

“That’s the highest compliment I could ever have.”